Thursday, March 21, 2013

Inspiring Lives- Liberace

 A young man named Walter grew up outside Milwaukee, WI. He had many dreams growing up. One of his dreams was to play the Piano in front of many people. He could play the piano by ear at an early age, and he was soon playing in front of large crowds all over the Midwest. He read the book entitled The Magic of Believing as a teenager. This book showed him how to believe in himself and to not be afraid to reach for his dreams. One of his first steps to achieve his dreams was to stop using his first name and go only by Liberace,  which was his last name. Say what you want about his lifestyle, The Guru of Glitter did achieve his dreams.
There is a book out there that tells us we can have a full life. It is not the new self help book at Barnes and Noble, it is of course the Bible  The Bible lets us know why we were created and who created us. It also shows us we are on this earth for more than just fame and fortune. We have purpose and mission here on earth. The Bible  relates to us the message of Jesus' love and tells us we can have abundant life (John 10:10).

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