Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Inspiring Lives- A.P. Giannini

A.P. Giannini was seven years old when he saw his father killed in a fight over a dollar. His mother soon married a grocer, and A.P. went to work for him. A.P. was so impressive with his ideas and math skills, he was soon made part owner of the store. He then got into the banking business. He did not like the fact that many banks only loaned to big businesses. His bank would lend to people who had ordinary jobs and big dreams. To do this he set up something unheard of in the banking community at the time- a payment plan. He had a heart for the common person and made sound business decisions. Most of the money he made went to fund foundations for people to get a leg up in the world. Luke 16:28 states to use your wealth to make friends on earth, and A.P. did just that.

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