Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sermon Update 5-26-13- Dumb Answers

Bill Engvall made a name for himself through the catch phrase "here's your sign". What the sign says is "STUPID". He gives these signs out to people who ask dumb questions. Our God will never label us "STUPID". God does not dwell on our mistakes. He wants to celebrate our victories. Remember the next time someone hands you one of these signs to hand it back to therm, and say God have gave me another sign and it says I am Awesome.(Leviticus 26:11-13)

Did You Know?

The Indiana Pacers are in the midst of the NBA playoffs right now. Do you know where their name came from? The name comes from another sport: auto racing. A "pacer" is what the car that starts the Indianapolis 500 race is called.
Influence can be taken from nay different sources. Nathaniel did not think anything from Nazareth would influence his life. One day he met a Nazarene that proved him wrong (John 1:41-45). The more open we keep our hearts and minds the more blessings we will see from God our Father.

A Father's Day Joke

An Amish family decided to visit a mall one day. While the mother was off shopping the father and son went and set down near two shiny metal doors. The son asked the father what these to metal doors were. The father replied that he did not know, but they should sit and watch and see what happens. An elderly woman came to the doors and pushed a button. Some lights went off, a bell sounded, and she went inside. Soon more bells and lights went off and a young beautiful woman came out. The father quickly said to the son " Quick, go get your mom. Maybe she will go in the doors too."

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Confucius' proverbs and the proverbs of Solomon (showing similarities between places and centuries)

Confucius- Never have any friends not equal to yourself.
Solomon- As iron sharpens, on person sharpens another.

Inspiring Lives- The House of David Baseball Team

A religious cult that plays baseball became extermly popular in the early 1900s. Please put aside what you may think of cults, and read their story. These men were gather by a man named Benjamin Purnell in Michigan at the turn of the twentieth century. Purnell formed a religious commune that only took in men and was supposed to gather the twelve tribes for Israel and await the end of the world. These men were under strict restrictions of what they could and what they could not do.
One thing they did to pass the time was play baseball. These men would gather in a nearby field and play baseball for hours and hours. They got very good at it, and started to play teams around Michigan just for something to do. The team won championships and put on shows during breaks between innings. These men all had breads , because due to commune rules they could not shave. While belief of an upcoming apocalypse faded, this team still kept playing baseball until 1955. Showing what determination and good leadership can do to a group of men who were looking for somewhere to go. Sound like somebody we know? (Mark 3)

WOW Your Guests!

Get Them in the Lot-
You ever consider how people get into your church? Is it easy to find and get in the parking lot? Do you need signs and arrows? Do you need people directing traffic flow or people to help cars make the proper out of your lot? In these days of convenience and easy access, people can be turned off from a church that does not have an easy way to get in out of their parking lot. If Jesus says his yoke is easy, than parking at his house should be too.