Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Inspiring Lives- The House of David Baseball Team

A religious cult that plays baseball became extermly popular in the early 1900s. Please put aside what you may think of cults, and read their story. These men were gather by a man named Benjamin Purnell in Michigan at the turn of the twentieth century. Purnell formed a religious commune that only took in men and was supposed to gather the twelve tribes for Israel and await the end of the world. These men were under strict restrictions of what they could and what they could not do.
One thing they did to pass the time was play baseball. These men would gather in a nearby field and play baseball for hours and hours. They got very good at it, and started to play teams around Michigan just for something to do. The team won championships and put on shows during breaks between innings. These men all had breads , because due to commune rules they could not shave. While belief of an upcoming apocalypse faded, this team still kept playing baseball until 1955. Showing what determination and good leadership can do to a group of men who were looking for somewhere to go. Sound like somebody we know? (Mark 3)

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